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I often wonder if we are the only owners to have nicknames for their dogs?……. Especially, what may seem crazy or even silly nicknames to other people. After speaking with other pet owners, we are truly not alone. Like us, other owners even have songs for their pets. Therefore, I am dedicating this specific blog to the nicknames and songs (some adapted of course) for our Shar Pei. Go on then, have a laugh….


Shar Pei Images


'Marleybone Station'

'Bone Station'



'Marley Charlie Bear'

'Charlie Bear'

'Bear' Song; "Little Charlie Bear"


SharPei Images



'Moules Mariniere'


"Mu-lan, mu-lan, mu-lan" instead of "Do-lang, do-lang, do-lang"

"Mooley, mooley, mooley, mooley" instead of "Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby"


Shar-Pei Images



'Juicy Wiggle'




"Her name was Lola" i.e "Copacabana"

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