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Our Dogs - All Health Tested

Kennel Club Assured Breeder

All our dogs are health tested.

We do not breed often but when we do, we will breed to the Shar Pei standard with care and dedication. As we are members of the Shar Pei Club of Great Britain (SPCGB) & the KC Assured Breeder Scheme we adhere to the clubs code of ethics. We breed to put good genes, health & well-being back into the breed.

We are located in the UK.

Our Shar Pei boast an individual personality with a distinctive appearance, each with their own character and wonderful charm. They are loved and cared for just like any family member should be.

Our Shar Pei are extremely fit. They are in great shape and condition due to sufficient exercise, nutrition, grooming and general maintenance. They are fed on a Premium (complete food) Kibble.

We have no kennels, cages or runs. Our Shar Pei live with us inside our home as part of the family. We take our dogs on holiday with us and are therefore never kennelled. All our dogs love and protect us, as we do them.

We love to chat about our Shar Pei (or the breed in general) and welcome phone calls about available litters or just for help and advise

We are proud members of the following organisations:

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