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Born 21/10/2019

A Red Fawn Brush Coat male.

Good conformation, gorgeous front, lovely top line and tail set. Wonderful temperament.

Tulip ears and nice deep set eyes.

Enjoys being around adults, children and other dogs.

Always up for a play fight with the pack.

Very loving!

Health / DNA Tested as follows;

  • CLEAR of POAG/PLL - 23/09/2020

  • Patella Grade 0 (Normal) 06/05/2021

  • N / SPAID of SPAID MTBP Mutation - 17/05/2021

  • ISAG 2020 Premium SNP DNA Profiled - 17/05/2021

SharFarrPei Have a Nice Day
Tommy's Pedigree


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