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Castleford, UK

Massive thank you to Lisa, Rob and Sienna for giving our little pup the best start possible.

They have researched and worked hard to make sure not only the puppies are well bred healthy, good temperament and clever but also given them so much love and care that Xena has fitted right into family life.


Xena was house trained when we got her at 9 weeks and could sit on command. We visited the puppies twice before collection and also saw the adult dogs we got lots of information plus a puppy pack of info. The goodie bag was a lovely bonus Thankyou!!!


We couldn’t ask for a breeder to be more supportive in helping us to care for her for her in the right way! Would highly recommend them. Thanks all 🐶🐾

Solihull, UK

I want to start by saying a massive thank you to Rob and Lisa, they have made this journey so easy for us, and we now have the most well trained puppies we could ask for, following the amazing start Rob and Lisa gave them.

We lost our 13yr Shar Pei boy 12 months ago and struggled with making the decision of whether to have another one due to the heartbreak we felt, I contacted Rob and Lisa some months after losing him to discuss upcoming litters and also our concerns over feeling like we were replacing him, they gave us so much guidance and support.

We waited nearly a 6 months for our little boy Teddy then Lyla came along a few weeks later, Teddy came to us first full of beans with the most gentle character, he was fully house trained, sat to command, we couldn’t believe it. Lyla came a few weeks later, such a gorgeous little girl, so calming for our playful Teddy, again fully house trained, after 3 days they were inseparable and sleeping together in the same crate.

The personalities and intelligence of these pups is all credit to Rob and Lisa, through their breeding and giving them the best start possible in a family environment.

We could not have imagined we would ever find breeders like this.  On the first appointments with the Vets, they were amazed by how much information was in the puppy packs.

The experience from start to finish has been amazing, on departure Lisa had put a bag together for each pup full of toys, blanket, puppy pads and puppy food, it’s touches like this that shows they love what they do and care about their dogs, and the homes they go to.

As I type this Teddy and Lyla are currently cuddled up together in front of the fire.

Thank you Rob and Lisa for our furry children.

Glasgow, UK

Can’t even begin to put into words how amazing Rob and Lisa are and the support we have had from them. From day one they have been brilliant.  

We decided to get another Shar Pei after our last rescue dog, Mona sadly passed away.  We did our research and wanted to find a reputable breeder and that was when we found Rob and Lisa.  Their knowledge of Shar Pei is second to none and the support we’ve had from them since getting Kyo has been amazing, so nice to know that they are there to answer any questions we have (and we have a lot since never having a puppy before).  


They pride themselves on breeding good health and temperament in their puppies and Kyo is a perfect example of this.  He has the best nature and is amazing around kids and adults.  He just loves cuddles and being our shadow wherever we go.  Our last dog wasn’t great around other dogs so we were keen that our next dog was socialised from an early age.  Kyo has been used to being around people and other dogs since he was born and is amazing with other dogs, just wanting to play with any dog he sees.  Since before Kyo was born Rob and Lisa were in constant contact, letting us know how things were progressing and they made us feel so welcome in their home when we made the journey down from Scotland to meet the pups. They are so keen to keep in touch and see how things are going and I know they’ll always be there to support us with any questions.  


The puppy pack that they gave us contains so much info and advice on how best to care for our fur baby which has been brilliant since we are first time puppy parents. We are so lucky to have found them and couldn’t have wished for a better dog, who now makes our family complete.  


We highly recommend Rob and Lisa at SharFarrPei.


Karen & Ryan

Wigan, UK

Ok peeps, get yourself a brew, this is gonna be an essay......

We have adopted our beautiful new munchkin from Lisa and Rob and oh my goodness, what a little treasure she is.

I first got in touch way back in June last year, we had lost our beautiful Berry in the February and by the time we got to about May/June, the house feeling so empty, I started putting the feelers out and researched a few Breeders. We heard about a very special litter to be due in November from their very pretty Mulan and we worked out that if we were fortunate enough to adopt one, we would have our baby home before Berrys anniversary. I cannot tell you how much we loved Berry, we got her to one month shy of her 14th birthday and she had health issues throughout her life so to get her to that age was outstanding.

So we now have SharFarrPei Penny Lane in residence at our home, and she has made herself at home and given us plenty of giggles and love already. We collected her on Tuesday, she travelled home well and we registered her with our vet yesterday.

The whole time, since I first made contact, the communication has been nothing short of excellent. We knew exactly where we were on the list depending on how many pups Mulan would deliver. We knew exactly what we could expect from them as an assured breeder. I read everything about them as a Kennel twice over before even making my first contact and I’m so glad I did the research and found them. I am a particular person, quite fussy and I like things to be done properly so this was really important to me.

Once the pups were born, we had loads of photos and sometimes videos every other day or so and in the run up to collection day, mega chats in Messenger, I must have got on their nerves because I can talk for England 😂 but never did I sense any negativity. In the same way we knew everything we could expect from them, I left them in no doubt the kind of people they would be trusting to take one of their little treasures.

I truly believe and feel that they are no longer our Breeder, they are actually our friends. They really have given the pups the best start. The paperwork you get from them is incredible and I took it with me to our vet. She’s never seen a puppy pack like it, incredibly detailed, when they were wormed, weighed, microchipped, all the legal stuff of course but she was amazed and actually said “this is how it should be”!

They have been trained well too, this is no word of a lie, This little girl is a genius, she goes to sit at the back door and makes a whimpering kind of sound, So I open the back door and off she goes to the loo. I haven’t got any puppy pads down and we haven’t had a single accident! At first I didn’t tune into the noise, so it took me a good few minutes to realise but she just sits there and holds it. She’s 8 weeks old and already toilet trained‼️😳‼️

We absolutely know if we’re ever concerned about anything, let’s face it, she’s a Sharpei, the breed isn’t without it’s issues, but we can make contact because they have a genuine ‘lifetime support policy’. I’m sure we won’t need it because of their breeding programme and matching the right Sire for Mulan.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and Rob to anybody looking for a beautiful well bred Puppei. There isn’t one single thing about our whole experience with them that I can pick fault with, not a single thing.

So thank you Lisa and Rob and of course Mulan for allowing and trusting us to take one of her pups, Penny will have the best life with us, I promise!


Lots of love from Me and Paul and of course Penny 😘


Skipton, UK

Straight away I would like to thank both Rob and Lisa for everything!


I carried out my research online for Shar Pei breeders on the kennel club assured breeders’ website and came across Rob & Lisa whom I contacted to enquire about their litter and to learn more about their kennel, dogs and puppies. They also carried out their research on me as a suitable owner for one of their puppies (which I liked) and felt they love their dogs and simply want the best for them.


I was thereafter placed on their waiting list for a puppy. This was a long time ago however because first off, I wanted a bitch at the time (which they didn’t have available) and on the next litter my girlfriend was expecting a baby, so we all agreed it wasn’t the right time for a puppy. They understood everything we was going through and kept us on the waiting list for a future litter.


When the time was right for our family and SharFarrPei had a litter available; they gave us first choice on a bitch puppy that we had waited so long for.

When we finally got ‘Sasha’ home (after a previous visit to Rob & Lisa’s house) she was house trained, well behaved, and the puppy pack and the goodie bag was amazing!


I couldn't sing Rob and Lisa's praises enough. They have been amazing!

Thank you for everything.


Gary, Penny, Zackary & Sasha.

Dunstable, UK

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I got my first Chinese Shar Pei from a bad breeder. he was a lovely little boy but fell ill quite quickly and passed away at a very young age due to unchecked health conditions. We had already fallen in love with the breed and started to look for another Shar Pei and came across Rob and Lisa’s advertisement for a beautiful looking little Shar Pei girl

They are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and the puppy girl was fully health checked and hereditary clear of the POAG/PLL eye condition. I got in touch with Rob which he then phoned me and we discussed at length the puppy, the breed and everything that had been done already and everything we need to do to give Angel the best possible start in life and also the support thereafter from Rob & Lisa.

We arranged a visit date with Rob & Lisa at their home where we met Angel with her sister and her mother. We could see they were all loved and cared for so much, and such a lovely temperament Angel’s mother (Lola) has. They were so good and playful and just well looked after animals.

We cannot thank Rob and Lisa enough for bringing our little Angel into our life’s; she everything we could ask for. Toilet training is outstanding there hasn’t been one accident. She’s playful, caring and good with our 2year old son. They love each other so much and it’s all down to the training and loving that Rob and Lisa had previously given her.
Rob and Lisa are outstanding breeders and we would highly recommend them to anyone.
You won’t get any better than SharFarrPei. 

Thank you, Rob and Lisa from David and Danielle.

Rotherham, UK

During our search for a Shar Pei Puppy we found Lisa & Rob on the Champdogs website under the Kennel name of SharFarrPei.

From the beginning they made our experience of getting Baloo brilliant. They allowed us to visit him twice and also meet all the family before we eventually collected him at just over 8 weeks old.

They made us feel very welcome on every occasion, discussed all our queries & have provided us with aftercare support especially during the first few weeks and also thereafter if necessary.

We collected Baloo after being health checked by a Shar Pei friendly vet (including microchipping and first injection.  Baloo was well trained by Lisa & Rob; they made him aware of his name, he was toilet trained & they also provided us with all the relevant paperwork, a welcome pack and some goodies for him. 

We all thank you both Lisa & Rob for our new amazing addition to our family, he’s truly made us complete. He’s absolutely adorable & loved so much; we all look forward to the fantastic times we will share with him.  

Lisa & Rob have become good friends & we would recommend them as breeders to anyone.

Lisa and Kavan.

Hull, UK

We've now had our little gorgeous Zeus for over a month now and could not be happier. He is such a healthy loving puppy who has fitted right in to our life's. 

Both Lisa and Rob have and continue to be of great support. Their expertise in the breed is excellent and have been there for help and advice whenever needed. 


We first got the chance to visit Zeus after he was born and saw the care and attention all the pups received. It was reassuring to know he had the best start in life. 


If anybody else is thinking of owning a Shar Pei puppy, we would highly recommend Rob and Lisa.

Karen and Andy.

London, UK

We recently purchased a beautiful, trained and well socialised puppy which we named Pandora from SharFarrPei Breeders Lisa and Rob. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them and they always went that extra mile for us being first time puppy owners. They were both kind, caring and very helpful. 

We received all the information and more for caring for Pandora providing a few tips and tricks they have learnt through their years of experience. They even went out of their way to email us a list of Shar Pei specialists vets local to where we live. The after care they provide is outstanding, we are in regular contact and they are their day or night to answer any questions we have.

We honestly recommend them highly as Breeders and would not go anywhere else! They are a true credit and we can't thank them enough for giving us such a gorgeous little character to have many adventures with.

Jess and Martin.

Darlington, UK

We recently welcomed two new furry family members that have been lucky enough to have been given the best possible start in life.

Our new puppies - Fozzie & Bella - came to live with us full of confidence, already house trained and socialised. From day one Rob & Lisa have been on hand to answer every question we’ve had; both before we got the pups and now we have them, be it over the phone, text or email - never once have we been made to feel anything is too much trouble.


We went to visit them, the pups and their own dogs when the puppies were two weeks old; it was this visit that made us realise we wanted more than one dog because their own dogs were so beautiful & happy but each with their own unique character. This is exactly what we have now too; Fozzie & Bella are stunning puppies but with such different personalities - having them in our house makes it feel like a home.


Rob & Lisa are fantastic breeders who have one goal - to breed happy, healthy puppies. They’ve definitely succeeded and I would have no doubts at all in recommending them. Not only have we found great breeders but we’ve also made new friends. 

Sonya and Si.

Wyboston, UK

Part 1;

Having decided to add a new Shar Pei to our family we began our search for the best breeder. We have already purchased 3 Shar Pei from two breeders in the past, now understanding a lot more about the breed we wanted the best possible start for our new addition.


I came across Lisa Farr on the Kennel Club website, I browsed her website and was impressed with what I saw. I called Lisa to discuss the possibility of buying a new pup. Rob initially answered and spent over an hour on the phone discussing litters available and future litters intended. Rob came across as honest and trustworthy but this alone would not convince me that they are the best. Lisa called me back later in the day to invite us to meet them and their Shar Pei.


My husband and I took the 3 hour drive to Lisa & Rob’s house to meet them.  Well this confirmed our decision; we had found our perfect breeders. The dogs were happy, clean and clearly very loved. There was one pup available from a litter of 4, which I immediately fell in love with.


After Lisa and Rob had done all necessary checks on us, we were given the good news that we were going to be parents again. As we all know, buying a new pup is not just for now, it is for life. Rob & Lisa could not have been more helpful, they enquired as to local Shar Pei friendly vets in our area, talked to us about Shar Pei issues and the overall wellbeing of the pup.


On collection day at 8 weeks old, we could not wait to collect our little Luna, Rob & Lisa was calling her by her name, which she did answer to.  Rob & Lisa had prepared a pup pack for us. This included, toys, food, blankets and many other things, but most importantly a document file full of important information, jabs, flea, worming, feeding charts, micro-chipping (they had already done this, I just needed to transfer ownership), vets in our area etc.


We travelled back with Luna, again the 3-hour drive, she was happy and content. Luna had already had her first jabs and was due to have another in 2 weeks time, which I had already booked prior to her arrival.  Luna was part of a new family now and settled in really well. The toilet training Lisa & Rob had done with Luna was next to none, not one accident in the house.


We have become very good friends with Lisa & Rob who has also travelled down to our home to see Luna once she was settled in. I truly from the bottom of my heart thank them for making our lives complete. Luna is 18 weeks now and is thriving, she is a little bundle of joy, and all this comes down to good breeding. Should we ever wish to extend our family we would not hesitate to return to Lisa & Rob.

Nicki Richardson.

You Dirty Dog Limited.

Part 2;

This little girl is going to have the best of everything, we love her so so much.

A very big thank you to Rob and Lisa; they have made our journey to getting Luna the best ever. They both are incredible people with a great love in what they do. We could of not asked anymore from them.

A brilliant experience, would recommend 100 p/c.

Danny Richardson.

Drainageman Limited.

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