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Tulo - Pei Attention Hold On Your Horses

Breed Watch

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Shar Pei - Category 2

Particular points of concern for individual breeds may include features not specifically highlighted in the breed standard including current issues. In some breeds, features may be listed which, if exaggerated, might potentially affect the breed in the future.

Prior to 2014 the features listed below derived from a combination of health surveys, veterinary advice, a meeting of Kennel Club Group judges, feedback from judges at shows or consultation with individual breed club(s)/councils via the breed health coordinators.

From 2014 the structure of Breed Watch allows for a greater involvement by judges in the reporting on and monitoring of the points of concern. For further information on how judges can report visible conditions or exaggerations please download the Breed Watch FAQs.

Points of concern for special attention by judges

  • Excessive amounts of loose facial skin with conformational defects of the upper and/or lower eyelids so that the eyelid margins are not in normal contact with the eye when the dog is in its natural pose (e.g. they turn in, or out, or both abnormalities are present).

  • Hair loss or scarring from previous dermatitis

  • Lower lip folding over lower incisors (tight lip)

  • Signs of dermatitis in skin folds

Note: The above information has been obtained online from the UK Kennel Club (KC) website.

Fit for Function Breed Watch
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