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Following a previous visit to Dr Sean Cleary – ‘The Shar Pei Vet’ – he gave us this commendation quote:

"These are fantastic Shar Pei who are in great shape and condition. I would recommend them for breeding"

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All our dogs are health tested.

Our Black Horse Coat Girl 'Lotus' from birth to present day. Lotus is CLEAR of POAG/PLL.

Our Lilac Brush Coat Boy 'Kai' from birth to present day. Kai is POAG/PLL CLEAR, SPAID CNV6, SPCGB PHR & Patella Certified.

The title could quite easily be ‘Dogs and children’ as the principles are pretty much the same whatever the breed. This blog however...

I often wonder if we are the only owners to have nicknames for their dogs?……. Especially, what may seem crazy or even silly nickname...

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Location: England UK
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